photos of the last SWING ROYAL -not part of the book!!!-

just to make sure: the photos of the Swing Royal events will NOT appear in the book and that is for two causes. first it s not about hot rodding or 40ties/ 50ties culture and second the photos are taken digitally! you say uhhhh! and I say yes you re right. you got it: all the photos in my upcoming book HOPPED-UP will be without exception analog!but as a lot of people, including me, do also like Swing I thought why not show you the pictures of it too?please give a mental hand to the bands and the fabulous EDEN puttin back the ohhh-i-like-to-see-it into burlesk. thanks for that and the stunnin performances.and, one more thing: on the next Swing Royal event on december 13th it ll be the unbelievable Kitty, Daisy and Lewis performin and makin us shiver and shake and rock and bop. so you better be there!click here for the gallery    

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  1. Excellent blog. keep going!

    RS 100 - Monday, 22. April 2013 at 12:53 Uhr

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