Roadrunner’s Paradise/ Race 61- i m comin

as i had a important meeting yesterday i couldn t start on friday which is a lil shitty but there was no other way. so, i ll leave in 30 minutes to finowfurt. what really sucks is that my motocycle was runnin kind of good so i thought i could take her with me and drive around a bit over there. but of course NOT possible. in the 6th year too i m not goin to finowfurt with my motocycle. the rear swinging fork got loosened so that i can t possibly go with it. i m afraid the excenter is not just loosened but worn out. fuck.what ever- i ll see you guys and ladies in an hour. 

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  1. I don’t even know you guys but your blog was up on the chipotle FB page for a hot soecnd and I luckily was dicking around at work for that soecnd (and many after) now I have found my new diet plan! Keep the hilarity cominga nd good luck in your endeavor

    Lori - Monday, 12. October 2015 at 3:43 Uhr

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