the pre-dummy is about to be ready

some of you already know, some don’t, that i found a perfect guy for graphic and layout as well as for the’s Sascha Minde ( ).i’m more than happy to have him on board as he is highly motivated and excited about the project. with his good taste, great ideas and the will to make something different he is a perfect partner for the realisation of the book that’s on my mind.the first thing he did is to develop some versions of a logo which came out totally perfect now. those who are familiar with the writings on 50ties publications can trace the style to back then. actually all the stuff for the pre dummy is ready and putten together. the only thing that`s still missing at this point is a new intro text as the old one sucked big time. it`s great that Sven of the awesome LODOWN Magazine takes care of this! and  we have to find a printer for digital printing who will be able to do the print in the correct size…. it seems that this is a bigger problem than we thought.enough for todaytake care+rnrdavid

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