Pecha Kucha

Some weeks ago a friend asked me if I might wanna present my book at the Pecha Kucha night and talk about it. For all of those of you who don’t know what Pech Kucha is as I didn’t know too:

A while ago some japanese architects invented a presentation event that consists of speaks and presentation that go with a slide show of 20 pictures. Each picture is shown for 20 sec and you only have these 6 min something to speak. The people that speak and present can come from every theme or occupation and can present whatever they want. The mix is what makes it really interesting. And as every presentation only takes about 6 minutes it never get’s boring. It’s a good way to learn about stuff you maybe would never ever get in contact with.

Last time when that friend asked me I just couldn’t do it so I decided to join them for this time. It was the Pecha Kucha special for the DMY design fair that takes place in Berlin these days. Again, because of the big productions for Stetson and Dickies and the fact that my best friend got hit by a car and needs visits in the hospital right now I’m very tight with time so I wasn’t able to prepare before 4pm about what to say at about 8 pm…. I was really f***** excited before. And I was the second to last speaker while it was 30 degrees C in there.

Well listen to it yourself if you like. Let’s say it this way: I know what I will do better next time :-)

(Sorry, only in german language)

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