Archiv für den Monat June, 2010

Race61 - Saturday, 26. June 2010

having a great sunny time on the airfield Finow watchin cars&bikes race

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2010 - Wednesday, 16. June 2010

As you read I’ve been to Bottrop Kustom Kulture again, but this time for DICKIES. I visited the Draggers CC & MC in Munich and went up with them to Bottrop. I have to thank these guys for welcoming me and lettin me point my lens everywhere. We had a really great weekend. Wheather was [...]

Pecha Kucha - Saturday, 12. June 2010

Some weeks ago a friend asked me if I might wanna present my book at the Pecha Kucha night and talk about it. For all of those of you who don’t know what Pech Kucha is as I didn’t know too: A while ago some japanese architects invented a presentation event that consists of speaks [...]

On the road II - Thursday, 3. June 2010

Sun is there!nö nreakdown so far

On the road to Bottrop - Thursday, 3. June 2010

While it’s still pouring rain in Munich we ‘re on the road now. 2 hot Roda,4 customs and two bikes plus service van. Bike’s small tanks only carry gas for about there’s gonna Be plenty of stops. Hopefully not man more which would be due to breakdowns. Having passed Nürnberg wheather is eypected to [...]

A day at the Draggers garage - Wednesday, 2. June 2010

All hands workin on preparing and finishin the cars and bikes. Ehester still is cold and rainy.but summer’s about to be here

Way to Bottrop. Chapter 1 - Wednesday, 2. June 2010

So this is the first day of the DICKIES reportage tour. A documentary project in The photographic style of m book Hopped-Up. At first the idea was to go to Sweden and go down to Bottrop with my friend in his 1949 pick up. Unfortunately something horrible happened so that this can’t take place. All [...]