Archiv für den Monat August, 2009

Hopped-Up at the 1st RUST’N'DUST - Friday, 21. August 2009

enjoy the photos I took on the great Rust’n’Dust weekend! thanks to the organisers and see you next year!

videos of the Hotrod Hayride - Wednesday, 19. August 2009

what a great weekend! thanks to everyone involved and big thanks to Terry& Anna and Jerry Chatabox for inviting me! (and Sue for the fantastic lift to the race)

gallery exhibition in London for 2010 - Thursday, 13. August 2009

Hopped-Up goes UK on one more level. I just discussed with the PROUD gallery in Camden to maybe do a exhibition over there in one of their gallery spaces in the old horse hospital in Camden markets. would take place in 2010. stay tuned for news!

A-Bombers 09 was a blast once again - Tuesday, 4. August 2009

Hey out there, I just returned from a great weekend in Sweden. I went with my friends Nicklas Blomberg ( and Cecilia to the A-Bombers Oldstyle Weekend for the 3rd time now. watch some pics and videos: Nicklas sees the book and his interview for the first time: my stall in the house (shit [...]