Archiv für den Monat July, 2009

Hopped-Up is going to Sweden now - Thursday, 30. July 2009

I see you guys in Sweden at the A-Bombers Oldstyle Weekend in about 27 hours! put the beers in the fridge! hahaha 

only 150 copies left after 5 weeks!! - Monday, 20. July 2009

Today only 150 copies are left of the first print run of 1000 pieces! that is amazing! I am very glad that people dig Hopped-Up and are into it that much!THANKS A LOT for the support and appreciation!! Right now we are looking for investors to jump on the rollin train and put money in [...]

Hopped-Up sneaks into NYC and towards the WHITE HOUSE - Tuesday, 14. July 2009

thanks to my brother Janusz who took the risk of immediate arrestment….  

JAHpix’ photos of david biene at the race61 - Thursday, 9. July 2009

thanks, Michael, for the nice shots! 

Makin Of the exhibition for the book launch event - Saturday, 4. July 2009

big thanks to Sammy/ Redcat 7 for the photos!! the amazing overall that Sammy did for’s the handmade, personalized prototype of the new overalls by redcat 7 Daniel and me putting up the exhibition. thanks a lot Daniel and Janusz! thank you Mona for all. you are the BEST!

mini exhibition+book signin’ today+tomorrow - Wednesday, 1. July 2009

meet me at the Burg&Schild store in Berlin Mitte, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str.  I put up a mini exhibition with 9 pictures out of the actual exhibition. and I am there from 5 to 8:30 pm today and tomorrow for signing books. if you like come around for a chat!