Archiv für den Monat April, 2009

Relaunch and EARLY-BIRD-DISCOUNT - Tuesday, 21. April 2009

This is the relaunch!! The fantastic new website is up and the book is in it’s finale production phase. To celebrate this I would like to offer YOU the special EARLY-BIRD-DISCOUNT! When you buy the book NOW you get 10,- € OFF! It’s  insane! Go to the the order section and order it right away [...]

just to keep you up-to-date- DHL is a headless cow - Monday, 20. April 2009

still waiting for the stickers my friend Nicklas at F1 textdecor did for Hopped-Up and send from Sweden to Berlin. look at the post underneath for the way the paket went already. as I said Nicklas send it to Berlin. that’s a big city in the north east of Germany. it’s the capital and it’s name [...]

2000 stickers for Hopped-Up nearly lost. DHL is a HORROR - Thursday, 9. April 2009

my friends Nicklas Blomberg of F1 text decor printed me 2000 stickers as kind of a sponsoring and send them on march 11th. as I didn t get it 2 weeks later I called DHL. they told me that it couldn t get delivered because the receiver was unknown. let me tell you that I [...]

this is the final phase - Monday, 6. April 2009

a lot of stuff is happening at the same time right now.while Sascha, the grafic designer for Hopped-Up, and me are doing the layout two new people entered the team to do press and promotion and help me organising. I’m very happy to have the opportunity to work with Mic Oala ( PR agency) and [...]

raw mix for atmosphere CD ready - Wednesday, 1. April 2009

I just came back from the sound engineer who does the cutting and mixing of the CD for Hopped-Up which brings fantastic race-atmosphere to the viewer of Hopped-Up. it`s gonna be great! aside of that we are in the middle of the final phase. everything is coming together right now. it s more than exciting!