Archiv für den Monat October, 2008

david biene on television – ARTE tracks - Thursday, 30. October 2008

ARTE is a german/ french TV channel that shows the show “tracks” which is about music, art and lifestyle. this is out of a feature on Hot Rodding in Europe. recorded in august 2008, on air october 3rd.david biene interview auf ARTE 

update + RHYTHM RIOT - Tuesday, 28. October 2008

Hey you kind visitor out there! thanks for visiting though at the moment it looks like there d be not much goin on… well, that impression is wrong. a lot is goin on but it s not stuff to put up here yet. stay excited!but yesterday I just booked  my flights to england for the [...]

photos of the last SWING ROYAL -not part of the book!!!- - Tuesday, 7. October 2008

just to make sure: the photos of the Swing Royal events will NOT appear in the book and that is for two causes. first it s not about hot rodding or 40ties/ 50ties culture and second the photos are taken digitally! you say uhhhh! and I say yes you re right. you got it: all [...]

like the 20ties too? Swing in 20ties theatre in Berlin - Wednesday, 1. October 2008

for all those of you who like the 20ties too. swing, lndi hop, jive… there s an amazing event comin up every 3 months in s the SWING ballroom night at the original 20ties theatre Admiralspalast.i would like to recommend this event to you because I personally love that evenings!here s the poster of it [...]