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well, showin pictures is a dangerous thing… - Thursday, 21. August 2008

dear ladies and gentlemen, I have to apologize for taking the photos off this site. but it was intended to just show them for a short period so that you get an idea what I am doin when I`m runnin around on the weekender with a camera and that weird look in my eyes  i [...]

HotRod Hayride- watch real rodders who go ALL the way! - Tuesday, 19. August 2008

here are some of me photos from this year`s Hot Rod usual I`m lookin forward to read some comments of you right here in the blog. and once again: please, these photos are out of an upcomin book. so please don t try to steel them but wait for next xear`s early summer days [...]

EARLY HOT ROD in Norwegen- tomorrow - Thursday, 14. August 2008

tomorrow i ll leave for norway. i m quite excited already.stay tuned for more!

Hayride was great again. - Monday, 11. August 2008

I m in London right now visiting a good friend of mine after i returned my rental car. and I ve to say Hot Rod Hayride was really great again. an amazing amount of amazingly good cars. though it was pretty much rainin all the time it was a very nice event. and: finally i [...]

yes! previews of A BOMBERS oldstyle weekend - Thursday, 7. August 2008

check out the pictures and let me know whether you like them!   

for the first time missed a flight - Thursday, 7. August 2008

this is some of the worst shit ever. had to work yesterday night because I some how missed the date on the list of shifts I would not be able to cover due to the hot rod journeys. that was already fucked up as I had a lot of stuff to do during these two [...]

Off to England- off to Hot Rod Hayride - Thursday, 7. August 2008

didn t manage to put up some photos of A Bombers Oldstyle Weekend… to much to do for such a short time at home…more next week when i ll  be back 

two great things! - Tuesday, 5. August 2008

two great things took place this weekend while i was in Sweden. two things i had the first time the opportunity to do.first one was that i had the chance to drive Jonas`Hot Rod for about 1/2 hour from the meeting to the race spot. that was great: the first time that i actually drove [...]

I am very sorry-but now there s better ones! - Tuesday, 5. August 2008

I am very sorry for those of you who put my sticker on their car. while givin stickers to people i tried to keep on telling that it`s paper based and should not be put on car paint. but obviously i didn`t tell everybody. when it gets wet several times or for longer or gets burned [...]

back again from SWEDEN - Tuesday, 5. August 2008

i just arrived back home. it was a great time over there in Sweden thanks to Nicklas, Cecilia and Jonas! thanks a lot! A Bombers and the days around it were a great time! and it was really nice to meet everyone again. as i leave for Hotrod Hayride on thursday i m not sure [...]