Archiv für den Monat July, 2008

HotRodAugust is comin closer and closer - Wednesday, 23. July 2008

after stayin around berlin for a little while to keep my budget together i will be able to go to 3 amazing hot rod happenings in august. i m lookin forward so much! sweden,england and norway!stay tuned for more! 

one of my dream cars is for sale!! ford business coupe ’50 - Monday, 14. July 2008

Mike from Bottrop, organiser of the Bottrop Kustom Kulture, is selling this fantastic car for 16.000 €. it s definately one of my favourite cars and styles. haven t seen it live yet- but i guess i would love to by it if i wouldn t sink my money in this book.       

no Hangar Rockin for me - Sunday, 6. July 2008

would have liked to come but circumstances were to difficult. among others one fact was that the promoter demands a cd with the photomaterial for givin permission to take photos on the event. i think it’s quite understandable that this is just not possible for a professional photographer – and even more so if the [...]

photos from Race 61/ Roadrunner’s Paradise - Friday, 4. July 2008