Archiv für den Monat June, 2008

SCREAMIN Festival and ROYALS Car Show - Monday, 30. June 2008

rockabilly, hotrods/ customs and beach is such a great combination. unfortunately the wheather wasn t what i hoped it would be like… but the people especially the ROYALS where great! thank you one more time! 

first SHIRTS are ready! - Monday, 30. June 2008

now that my cloths and my wallet (!) are dried again after Roadrunner`s Paradise/ Race 61 I can say that it was nice out there. though the wheather really was a bitch. BUT NOW LISTEN to the NEWS: the first shirts are ready! have a look at the photos. these are just the first sample [...]

Roadrunner’s Paradise/ Race 61- i m comin - Saturday, 28. June 2008

as i had a important meeting yesterday i couldn t start on friday which is a lil shitty but there was no other way. so, i ll leave in 30 minutes to finowfurt. what really sucks is that my motocycle was runnin kind of good so i thought i could take her with me and [...]

Bedrock still is fantastic! watch the photos - Friday, 27. June 2008

Bedrock was and still is one of it s own kind. still stayin kind of small and intense. not much people from the outside find their way to the sand pit where basically everyone can do everything. and this can go from racin to dancin, from gettin wasted as hell to drivin around by night, [...]

leave the trouble- go to Denmark - Thursday, 19. June 2008

it s weird at the moment… on my way back from Gustav’s Werkstatt Sause last sunday i got busted by the police in some routine control to get my whole car plus my cloths and pockets checked for drugs and whatever. now today i m on the way through the city while havin real bad [...]

PHOTOS: Widegren’s Speedshop Werkstattsause 08 - Tuesday, 17. June 2008

enjoy and do not steal. wait impatiently as i do for the book to come in spring 09.thanx again to everyone who once more didn t turn their face away when i pointed the camera at them    

Stickers in New York- ‘NYC is branded Hopped-Up’ - Tuesday, 17. June 2008

Alexandre did put up some stickers in the city of New York and dropped a dummy at a publisher over there. thanks a lot, Alexandre!    

what a nice+friendly party at Widegren’s Speedshop - Sunday, 15. June 2008

i have to say the 2times 7 hours drive were absolutely worth it. it was really nice and easy at the Werkstatt Sause at Gustav’s. i met a whole lot of nice people, good cars and the fantastic up-and-coming Little Ace and the Rhythmntones. they are amazing young guys from sweden playin kind of authentic [...]

tomorrow off to Widegren’s speedshop - Friday, 13. June 2008

hope to see some of you over there!?

Stickers in ICELAND! - Wednesday, 11. June 2008

Thanx to Maryna everyone in ICELAND who is in the middle of nowhere and movin towards Reykjavik or Hella will be informed about Hopped Up. isn t that great?thank you Maryna!