Archiv für den Monat April, 2008

more photos - Sunday, 13. April 2008

check out the new photo section on the startpage  a new window will pop up! 

king of fools - Sunday, 13. April 2008

i just don t get the point. my G5 PowerMac has some serious technical problems and givin it for 5 times now to the dealer’s repair shop was completely useless. because it still has the same problems. F*** YOU! this thing cost a shitload of money. plus: i need it![br]and oh, yeah, and before i [...]

show yr love for Hopped-Up! - Wednesday, 9. April 2008

 like my friend Wolle does! thx! 

First 22 dummies left for more potential sponsors - Wednesday, 2. April 2008

I just brought the first 22 dummies to the Deutsche Post to get them sent to potential sponsors and publishers around Germany and Great Britain.wish me luck!    

show your support! put the sticker where people see it! - Wednesday, 2. April 2008

i would really appreciate if those who gets stickers put them where people see it! even if you got a car that reminds as much of a hot rod as the one my friend Tommy put the sticker on! (i love the adac sticker too! )  

the first STICKERS are ready! - Tuesday, 1. April 2008