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HOT ROD CLUBS & Motorcycle Clubs- POST YOURS - Thursday, 28. February 2008

please use this post and category to post your logo and please write some details about it. sth like residencal area of the club, number of members and vehicles, guy`s or girl`s or mixed club…would be great if this would become like a hotrod club index. would be a great thing to have in the [...]

photos - Thursday, 28. February 2008

ok, i guess it’d make sense to post some photos, right?here we go for some randomly selected pics out of a big stack of photos waitin to get into the book…I just moved the photos to the ‘photos’-section on the main site!

myself - Monday, 25. February 2008

ok, it might be interesting for some of you to see the guy who`s writing here. and i guess, yes, I would as a blog reader also like to get a face to the words. so this is me gettin cold on the race track on a former russian airfield waiting for the test run of [...]

the pre-dummy is about to be ready - Monday, 25. February 2008

some of you already know, some don’t, that i found a perfect guy for graphic and layout as well as for the’s Sascha Minde ( ).i’m more than happy to have him on board as he is highly motivated and excited about the project. with his good taste, great ideas and the will to make [...]

what is this all about?? - Monday, 25. February 2008

this is the blog and the website on a book project that I started. just to introduce myself real quick: my name is david biene. I`m a photographer from Berlin/ GER working mainly with people as musicians, actors and bands. the photos i do are mainly for magazines or record companies and managements. you can get [...]