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GREAT feature in photo magazine FotoHits - Thursday, 14. October 2010

Dirk Hartmann of the german photo magazine FotoHits put together a really good feature about my photography and me. It concentrates on the reportage work I did for DICKIES this summer meeing the DRAGGERS M.C.+C.C. and goin on the road with them. FotoHits claims to be Germany’s most sold magazine that concentrates on photography with [...]

the DICKIES brandbible “love your work” is out! - Wednesday, 13. October 2010

Lena of Dickies Europe just sent me some copies of the brandnew brandbible. It came out great! Thanks to Mr Jason Jules, that I had the pleasure to meet on the opening night of my exhibition in London’s PROUD gallery. He booked me to go on the road with the DRAGGERS C.C.& M.C. from Munich [...]

Haus der Fotografie/ Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Monday, 4. October 2010

Some days ago Marc and I were at the museum for photography in Hamburg to present both the book and the publisher. It was Jasmin Seck who invited us after having heard about Hopped-Up and Onkel&Onkel. About 15 people were listening and watching what we hadto tell. Again people were sad to hear that Hopped-Up [...]

on stage at Photokina 2010 - Monday, 27. September 2010

Robin Preston, London and Düsseldorf based photoshop enthusiast and high end commercial photographer, invited me to present my book ‘Hopped-Up’ at last weeks Photokina. Photokina is one of the most important photo fairs in the world which takes place in Cologne once a year. We spoke about analogue versus digital photography but mostly about the [...]

Massen Dirt Track 2010 - Wednesday, 15. September 2010

Last weekend it was time for the second Massen Dirt Track Race in Massen. It takes place one week after and about 100m from the Head Banging Race in Finsterwalde. Mike and Werner invented this as one of the most authentic hill billy style race weekenders last year. It consists of a circular sand track, [...]

Rust’n'Dust 2010 - Friday, 13. August 2010

STETSON shooting for catalogue spring/ summer 2011 - Friday, 6. August 2010

Here are some makin-of shots of the two day shooting for Stetson that I did the whole concept, production and shooting for. We shot original characters with their Hot Rods on original places. Big thanks go to the models Sarina, Axel and Rico and the amazing team of Dirk and Mona, Katrin, Sammy and To. [...]

Race61 - Saturday, 26. June 2010

having a great sunny time on the airfield Finow watchin cars&bikes race

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2010 - Wednesday, 16. June 2010

As you read I’ve been to Bottrop Kustom Kulture again, but this time for DICKIES. I visited the Draggers CC & MC in Munich and went up with them to Bottrop. I have to thank these guys for welcoming me and lettin me point my lens everywhere. We had a really great weekend. Wheather was [...]

Pecha Kucha - Saturday, 12. June 2010

Some weeks ago a friend asked me if I might wanna present my book at the Pecha Kucha night and talk about it. For all of those of you who don’t know what Pech Kucha is as I didn’t know too: A while ago some japanese architects invented a presentation event that consists of speaks [...]