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IRIEDAILY catalogue out now - Saturday, 29. January 2011

Here are some pages of the new catalogue for Berlin-based skate inspired fashion label IRIEDAILY that I did with my friends Sascha and Sven of brandnewhistory. Was good fun, too. Hope you like it. Thanks to Sascha, Sven, Mathe, Katrin, Mona und Rosi

making-of clip of the shooting for IRIEDAILY - Tuesday, 18. January 2011

Just finished the makin-of clip of the shooting for Berlin based fashion label IRIEDAILY.

Plötzensee. winter rain on iced lake - Saturday, 15. January 2011

1 week 4 new bands for OFFstage - Tuesday, 23. November 2010

The last 7 daysI had the chance to take photos of 4 bands for my series OFFstage. Airbourne, Rival Schools, Turbo ACs and Imelda May. Thanks everybody who helped me and made it happen by opening the doors!

one autumn day on Ruegen - Saturday, 23. October 2010

my dream team - Monday, 20. September 2010

Shooting for FRAMERS, 09.2010, Alt Ranft

the Tiger is loose. documentary work for the WWF - Saturday, 28. August 2010

Hey there, here is some shots I took for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this week in Frankfurt/ Main when a new part of the campaign to save the last tigers and raise support to let numbers grow again was launched. A projection of a actual tiger out of a moving car. It is amazing. [...]

GIANTS in Berlin, amazing street theatre - Monday, 5. October 2009

I am so sad that I couldn’t see them in action. The french theatre company Theatre Royal made a fantastic piece of street theatre playhappen in the streets of Berlin. Two giant puppets were looking for each other to finally reunite at the Brandenburger Tor. The puppets are hanging from cranes but actually are moved [...]