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10th anniversary poster design - Tuesday, 11. October 2011

I was quite proud to be asked by Michael Perrech, the promoter of the Bottrop Kustom Kulture festival, if I’d like to design one of 10 poster design for the 10th anniversary of his event. Now I’m happy to show you my idea for it. It will be up on the facebook profile and the [...]

the new album of the KAMIKAZE QUEENS - Thursday, 29. September 2011

music the Kamikaze Queens graphics Amir Sufi photography david biene I love it.

summer for a day - Saturday, 13. August 2011

in Gedanke in Gedenken - Saturday, 30. July 2011

Fucked Up live - Wednesday, 27. July 2011

It s quite a while ago already, great show, great band of nice people. THX for takin part in my series OFFstage too. FUCKED UP at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

home is .. - Thursday, 23. June 2011

…where the flowers bloom and fruits grow by the care of the people you love.

Berlin - Saturday, 21. May 2011

great athmosphere right before the storm today

BONAPARTE & die Ärzte - Sunday, 17. April 2011

Yesterday’s night was a blast. Bonaparte are such a great circus performing great music and bein so good people. THX for that amazing concert! And I really liked the support band, too. Die Ärzte… Have you heard of them yet? Thanx to Bonaparte for takin part in my series OFFstage!

Spring times -here we go! - Saturday, 19. March 2011

an icy Wow! - Wednesday, 23. February 2011

last weekend at the Flughafen See next to airport Tegel